Our Services

Fixed Deposits
We  are accepting deposits from public for period of 01 month to 60 months maximum and minimum deposit amount is Rs 5,000. Senior citizen Fixed deposits are for customers who are 55 years and older which entitles additional 1% interest.

Leasing facilities are granted for new as well as used vehicles and equipments.The lease product range includes structured lease and general leases.

Hire Purchase
Hire Purchase offers a unique advantage in financing in registered vehicles. Our customers can enjoy maximum percentage of finance against the vehicles at attractive rates.

Micro Finance
Leases are granted targeting small and medium scale entrepreneurs to support their business.Facilities are granted for the purchase of three wheelers, two wheelers (motor cycles),Dimo Batta trucks and Micro trucks.

Personal Loans
Personal loans are mainly granted for vehicle purchasing.Customers can enjoy attractive rates and terms for this product.